Warehousing Services

  Our Warehousing Services

We provide complete and Comprehensive warehousing services. For this we own a spacious warehouse that can easily accommodate the need all types of business houses. We have experience warehousing team for stocking and handling different types of commercial and industrial goods for the desired period of time.

We ensure that your goods are properly managed we use computerized inventory control system to avoid any kind of miss- happenings. Furthermore, our warehouse is fully insured in order to prevent losses in case of any emergencies or unfavorable situations to our clients.
Warehousing facility is availed for corporate, commercial users as well as individuals wherein goods are stored at the responsibility of a service provider, at the destination of choice, for a definite period of time. For export cargo, we store and ship in accordance to the client's instructions, at the same time we also arrange delivery from port, store and dispatch directly to the specified destination.


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