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  Safe And Secure Transport Is Our Responsibility And Your Peace of Mind

When it comes about the task of choosing a relocation company, while shifting to a new destination, seldom is it possible to find the one which offers 100% satisfactory services. Many company claims many sort of service and facilities, but a few only in fact can offer such expertise. All it requires is dedication, determination, manpower, expertise, and transparency to enable the process to be executed properly.

Agarwal Shipping And Relocation (P) Ltd. in Delhi and nearby regions have ensured that their work of moving items is heralded as the best because of its high standard of transport amenities. We, at Agarwal movers, have a
uniform and advanced system of transportation so that you can assign the relocation work and sit back and plan for your other prominent things at your new place. Agarwal Packers has taken up the work of transporting your goods with care at each step of the process so that you enjoy a smooth and effective relocation with much lesser botheration.

Transportation Process Is Multipronged Approach With Us
We pride at having a well arranged fleet of trucks and cargo Lorries for transporting your goods. For road carriage, air transport and sea deliveries, we at Agarwal movers can handle all types of goods as per your requirement and demand. We have a smart line of fleet of vehicles and depending on the amount and exactness of commodities we can ensure you the best transport option with much better mode of delivery. Technology is brought into use in all our vehicles and we ensure a complete monitoring of the transportation facility through GPS navigation and advanced tracking systems. This ensured that navigating to any destination is no more an issue for us neither for you. Not only are we able to reduce the time taken for transportation, we have less incidences of breakdowns and driver mistakes, as well.

Although the use of modern technologies in our fleet management means acute degree of safety, we still offer transit insurance to you because we understand that your goods are valuable. Variety of insurance services is on the offer depending on the value of the goods and the fragility factor. We offer insurances like transit insurance, comprehensive insurance, storage insurance, etc .and these claims are duly compensated through hassle-free documentation.

Another value of our services is that we adhere strictly to the safety regulations that have been laid down for such relocation. Also, we prepare our own charter of safety, looking at your specific concerns. Fire safety precautions, protection from rain water and humidity, leakage of fluids of any kind into the packed items or inside the warehouse is guarded zealously. Although accidental coverage is properly done, we still ensure that best care is taken for your goods to prevent any such occurrences.

Transportation or translocation is much simplified with the advanced technology intervention at Agarwal Shipping And Relocation (P) Ltd. in Gurgaon and nearly by regions of Delhi. We extend a safe and secure translocation to any part of the country and abroad with our excellent transportation systems. While care is the first priority in our transportation systems, you can well experience the concern we have for a reliable translocation of your goods and products with a greater degree of comfort.

Call us today to speak to us for the most authentic and most hassle free translocation! We ensure that you will enjoy every single moment you spend with us!


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