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  Our Packing Services

When, relocating, the primary motive is to transfer the household items or office goods to the new location. You would want to have all your items in the house, taken to the new destination, in the best and safest possible manner. To do this we offer you a comprehensive range of packing solutions ensuring the best of covering and packing for safe and secure translocation.

Packaging of various goods requires specific skills and acute degree of professionalism. We, as one of the packers in Delhi and Gurgaon region, understand the importance of the items for you.  Whether your goods
are for household usages or for a commercial purpose, we value your commodities. We have developed our packaging services with the best quality input in the most professional manner.

The foremost feature that we provide through our service is packing the items quickly and effectively. By efficiency is meant that your items are packaged according to their sensitivity. Glass items are doubly packed inside polythene with air bubbles. Most of the items are placed inside suitable cardboard packages. Furniture is wrapped around with sacks and polythene. And, the work that is done by the packing staff is proficiently professional in every approach we undertake.

Our staffs are able to carry out the process of packing so as to stack them in the vehicles with efficiency. Each worker is given a short training course and they are encouraged to work under expert supervision in the beginning. As the experience grows, we allow them to serve you so that your goods are taken best possible care. Training of our staff is a full fledged affair with us. We ensure to nurture and cultivate the best work force for rendering service to each one of our elite customers. Young and energetic staff is recruited by us to keep the workforce sufficient at all time.

Variety of packaging services
As one of our specialty service, we can pack all the items from your home and office. Whether it is a hard packaging, or foam and bubble wrap packing, or even a wooden batten packing, we ensure perfection in every sort of packing that might be required for your specific items for translocation. With the help of foam, polythene, rugs, etc, we ensure acute degree of safety and security from dirt, scratches and breakings. Moreover, there is enough support system provided during packing so that the items are placed inside the vehicles in a proper order of arrangement so as to ensure smooth transportation. Artefacts and sculptures, canvas, paintings, etc are put in suitable containers so that they can be taken best care of.

Our Advantages
With the right package for the right item, we have set a precedence that is hard to be overwhelmed in the market of movers in Delhi or Gurgaon. It is an obvious advantage for you to want to avail any packing services. We offer advantages that are incomparable and complete.
»   Quick Service
»   Efficiency
»   Suitable Packing For Every item
»   Guarantee of Safety
»   Long Term Storage
If you are in need of some professional relocations specialist, try us at Agarwal Shipping And Relocation (P) Ltd. in Gurgaon, or Delhi region. We will make sure you as satisfied to the core with our packing service solutions.


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