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A Complete Range Of Services For A Comprehensive Relocation

Whenever the need to relocate from one destination to another arises for you, Agarwal Shipping And Relocation (P) Ltd. could be the go to company for you. Not only has the company successfully emerged as the best packers in Delhi and Gurgaon region, but we have also managed to provide a gamut of services towards your relocation needs. With a set of professional workers with skill directed specially towards relocation, Agarwal Shipping And Relocation (P) Ltd. in Gurgaon region have established reliability in their customers’ minds. Once being associated with us you will vie for our services again and again, when the time comes. You can ask us for any kind of support for your relocation needs as and when you require so. Our service cloud is spread across a wide range of services related to transportation and translocation:


»   Packing Services
»   Loading Services
»   Transportation Services
»   Unloading Services
»   Unpacking Services
»   Insurance Services
»   Escorts Services
»   Warehousing Services
»   Car Transportation Services
Packing Services
It is the presence of a team of expert and skilled hands with Agarwal packers, which offers you the best packing services. When we speak of packing, we ensure each item has to be in proper cases and covered. Starting from items of glass to the wooden and steel furniture, everything can be properly packed and placed by us. While we deliver the most efficient packing solution we ensure that you are assured of the item about their safety from breaking or getting scratched.

Loading Services
In the event of relocation, perhaps the most important work would be the putting of the packaged goods in the transporting vehicle. Sometimes, your belongings might have to be carried from multi-storeyed buildings. Again, stacking of the items inside the truck or lorry has to be done in proper order, so that there is minimal of jerks. At our facility, raising heavy items into the vehicle is done by means of lifts and railings. The same care is provided when unloading the goods. The whole process of loading is re-assured for safety and convenience caring for the breaks or scratches if any. We therefore ensure a degree of extra care at all times for loading of your packaged goods and deliverables.

Transportation Services
Vehicles in our fleet are well maintained and clear for timely and dust free delivery of your goods. Once we, at Agarwal Shipping And Relocation (P) Ltd. in Delhi, have put in the items in the vehicles, it is our driver’s expertise in manoeuvring the truck to the destination with acute sense of responsibility and safety. In order to cover for any breakdown and missing out the route, we have tagged GPS systems in our vehicles. This ensures that the transportation is done in the most precise and timely manner.

Insurance Services
As an inevitable part of our services, we at Agarwal Shipping And Relocation (P) Ltd., ensure providing insurance coverage for the items that are being transported on your behalf. Even though extreme care is our motto, unavoidable mishaps can sometimes occur, which can be emotionally and financially damaging for you. To cover the losses, our company has the option of covering the goods under different types of insurances as per your preference.

Warehousing Services
We ensure your goods are maintained at the top most conditions of security and care with our warehousing facilities. We make sure our warehouses have all the facilities to store the items from humidity, rust, mites, rats, or any other such natural and manmade damages. We have adequate infrastructure to store your items, for a long period of time, until you find a suitable accommodation to move those items. Not only is this a relief for you as our customers but also helps us to extend our facility for your benefits.

Our range of services is our strength and your advantage. At Agarwal Shipping And Relocation (P) Ltd., we strive to provide the best services in relocation. And if you have any issues related to this matter, we are possible to be approached by a simple phone call or email.

Call us now to explore a whole new concept of safe and secure relocation with expert supervision.

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