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Care & Technology - The Two Important Facets of Our Proactive Loading Services

It is not only a matter of picking items and putting it on the vehicle when the loading service is considered from one of the most advanced and equipped company like us. We, at Agarwal Shipping and Relocation (P) Ltd., offer you an array of options for a smooth and effective loading of goods irrespective of its volume and space. We have been mastered the art of loading with highly trained manpower and supporting machinery and equipments. We have all the latest equipments and supporting equipments for every sort of loading solutions, be it for the reck loading, be it loading in ships or even be it the loading on cargo planes. We have maintained a smooth flow of solutions for an effective and thoughtful loading reducing your hassles to a significant extent.  

What Comprises The Loading Services?

We offer you a fleet of most advanced trucks with all India permits for transportation along with containerised Lorries. Depending on the amount of household or office items that you have, we arrange the suitable cargo carrying vehicle. When scheduled, our truck is brought to your doorsteps along with the trained support staff to handle your goods. The numbers of support staff is specified as per the load and volume of goods as per your needs. Since these vehicles have modern technology tracking equipments, we are able to chart the route and monitor the movements of the vehicles at every point on a real-time mode.

Loading Essentials

Not only is the fleet are important during loading, but also its management need to be done responsibly so that whole translocation process could be smooth and effective. We have designated vehicles for different load capacities. Also, the types of items that you need to relocate, will decide the vehicle that we will allot. In case of heavy items, the lifting gadgets like forklifts, cranes, hydraulic jacks, conveyor docks, etc are sent to the location for effective loading task.

Inside the container zone of the vehicle, there are separate compartments for different category of items. The trucks that are present with us at Agarwal movers and packers in Delhi have their cargo area divided into compartments. Furniture is placed at the deepest region with sharp and fragile items present in a separate compartment. These, if required, are accompanied by our people on board.

Loading Of Items Done With Care And Calculations

Each item that is to be sent by you through us is put in pen and paper. And this is our effort to maintain transparency. Keeping records prevents any unnecessary mix up and helps in keeping calculations of the items transported. Any breakage or loss or missing items are easily comprehended by our policy at Agarwal movers. Industry standard practices are followed by us, so that our customers never complain of any hidden agendas or charges. But the greatest advantage that we provide by our transparent methodologies is that the customers are not required to worry about their goods at all.

Our Advantages

»   Proper documentation
»   Technology use in transport vehicles
»   Tracking and monitoring system
»   Low fuel and time wastage
»   Heavy loads are easily loaded.

Since the loading services of Agarwal Shipping And Relocation (P) Ltd. in Gurgaon and surrounding regions are considered to be the best in the business, we maintain a strict vigil on quality of service for all needs of relocation. Be you remain at any part of this country, we can offer you your desired relocation facilities with just a phone call or email. Call us today!


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